Penon ORB review : Engaging and lovely.


The stock cable is very good, it looks nice and sounds aptly good too. I am a bit critical about how the cable looks but what if you have something with improved visual appeal and sound at the same time? The ORB deserves a good sounding cable and buying an upgrade cable makes much more sense.

PENON ORBIT ($129):- What is an upgrade to the stock SPC cable? A Type 4 LITZ SPC cable with 154 strands in each core. The first thing that comes to attention is the bigger stage size. It feels much more expanded in every direction with improved distribution of instruments. The bass get deeper with slightly better sub-bass rumble while the mid bass sheds some body delivering equally good amount of texture and details. The bigger change comes with improved clarity of the mid range. The Vocals are a bit more delicate and accurate. The whole mid range sounds slightly more organic. Treble gains some maturity with better control over notes and the bigger stage makes it much more enjoyable. The Orbit brings more details and accuracy with excellent contrast between background and foreground instruments. The treble region feels a bit more extended, energetic and sparkly.

If you have an IEM you hold close to your heart, you definitely should invest in a decent cable and the Penon ORB should lead the way with excellent price to performance ration.


BGVP DM7 ($270-$289):-

The DM7 houses 6 BA drivers and is tuned for accuracy and precision. It is a more technical sounding earphone with similar build quality and set of accessories. The DM7 is tuned for a more analytical output, delivers cleaner and clearer notes. The ORB is tuned to be a fun and engaging earphone.

The lower end is not very voluminous and lacks a bit of extension in comparison. It moves lesser amount of air but still have good thump to it. The mid bass is smaller with body but still delivers satisfying amount of slam. The decay is tighter without losing texture. The mid range of the ORB is a bit more forward but the DM7 counter it with more pleasing timber. Both male and female vocals are better with texture and details. It can feel a bit dry and thin against the ORB’s thicker notes. Instruments have more energy in general but do not have the upper mid emphasis of the ORB. Treble maintains better energy till the end and has better micro details too. Layering and separation is better than the ORB. The stage size is a bit less wide and tall but has better depth to it.

Vs DUNU DK2001 ($300) and BQEYZ Spring 2 ($140-170):-


The Penon ORB has a lovable tuning. It is cohesive and engaging. The tonality is unique. Notes are not very detailed but involving. It has excellent lower end with class leading sub-bass extension and rumble, the mid range too is very engaging and involving. The treble is well presented with good amount of spark and energy but it is not the most detailed sounding IEM for under $300. What It is, is one of the most fun still relatively detailed sounding IEM. It has a unique kind of tuning which gives a different kind of tonal balance and engagement. What sets it apart is its ability to cater to all kind of listeners. No one will regret picking it over anything else.

It is not for the detail hogs though.



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