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Produce Launch: OSKAR Portable TV Voice Enhancer

German audio specialist faller has just announced their latest and greatest in the form of the OSKAR Portable TV Voice Enhancer. According to studies, consumers are increasingly struggling to follow along with tv dialogue and this isn’t helped by unbalanced soundtrack and sound effect volumes that have become more commonplace as of late. The OSKAR aims to prioritise the speech and dialogue regions in an easy to use package.

It connects to any TV or audio source with its included docking station that charges the unit and acts as a wireless transmitter. This allows the user to bring the audio directly to them even in a larger space and the OSKAR provides active emphasis of speech frequencies whilst dynamically filtering out background noise for utmost clarity.

The faller OSKAR will be available to buy for £259/€269 in the UK and Europe directly from faller as well as Amazon and selected TV and audio retailers.



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