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Product Launch: 3 New Campfire Audio IEMs!

Campfire Audio is a fan favourite company who have been manufacturing some of the most striking earphones and headphones on the market in their Oregan HQ. They’re off to a hot start in 2020 with 3 new models, two of which are updates to the immensely popular Andromeda and Solaris alongside a brand-new BA flagship.

Images were provided courtesy of Campfire Audio.

Andromeda 2020 (store link)

The updated Andromeda brings the subtle refinements of the 2019 revision alongside an enhanced sound signature with improved vocal presence and detail retrieval over the original. Taking inspiration from their custom line-up it features a solid body design that brings improved acoustic performance and noise isolation. This is a great innovation that I’ve yet to personally see on a universal design. The accessory set has also been slightly revised with a new green-dyed cork carrying pouch. It comes in at the same $1099 USD asking price with first units shipping May 21st.

Solaris 2020 (store link)

Their hybrid flagship, the Solaris, has also received some loving with a similar sonic performance. It has been redesigned from the ground up with a 20% smaller housing for improved ergonomics, the most common complaint with the original. In so doing, the 24k gold faceplates have been supplemented with black PVD that promises greater durability. Though it is unclear what exact changes have been made to the sound, keen-eyed readers will not a changed impedance rating from 10-ohms to 15-ohms on the update that certainly suggests a ground-up redesign. Much like the Andromeda, it has received an overhauled accessory set with dark cork case and smoke jacket super litz cable. It too, shares the $1499 USD asking price of its predecessor.

Ara (store link)

The Ara is an all-new BA flagship from Campfire Audio that promises a “fast, articulate and unique” sound. The Ara features 7-BA drivers arranged in a two-high (with T.A.E.C), one mid, four low configuration. Of note, it sports no electronic crossover, rather, it is a pure acoustic crossover achieved via purposeful shaping of the internal chamber design. Campfire Audio are also promising a more balanced/reference sound for those concerned by the bassiness of their recent hybrid and dynamic offerings. It assumes Campfire’s signature BA housing with new solid-body design, however, the exterior is machined titanium as opposed to aluminium. Note an uncharacteristically low 93dB sensitivity on behalf of those tuned acoustics, this one is sure to be interesting! First units ship in June.

Cork Carrying Cases

New models will be shipping with environmentally friendly and sustainable cases constructed from cork. A protective rubber barrier provides excellent shock absorption to shield IEMs from drops and scuffs. They are crafted in Portugal for an exotic touch.

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