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Product Launch: AFUL Explorer 1DD + 2BA Hybrid IEMs!

AFUL has quickly made a name for themselves in the international market despite being a relative newcomer. This was especially notable with their Magic One which legitimized the technology offered by the company through realised full-range sound from a single BA driver.

The Explorer is the latest product from the promising new brand, a 1DD and 2BA hybrid IEM that comes in at a reasonable $119 USD asking price. For that, AFUL provides 3D-printed acoustic tubing with a specially designed resonator, a high-damping air pressure balance system and self-developed wide-range BA drivers.

Uniting the hybrid setup is an RLC network, a multi-layered frequency division crossover that promises consistent and accurate sound reproduction. This is finished with a Cosmo faceplate design that is catchy and chic.

The Explorer is now available for $119.99 USD, you can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit on HiFiGO!



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