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Product Launch: Astell & Kern ZERO1 Hybrid IEM!

Astell & Kern is perhaps best known for their venerable DAPs but has also produced some high-performance IEMs in collaboration with other manufacturers. The company is proud to announce their latest model, this time built in-house. Welcome the ZERO1!

The ZERO1 is a 4-driver tribrid earphone featuring a micro planar dynamic driver, dual balanced armature and dynamic driver setup. This is placed within a CNC machined metal housing with 3D printed acoustic chambers. In conjunction with a precision crossover network design, AK claims perfect harmisation between the three driver types.

Taking a deeper dive into the design, the planar driver definitely draws attention. This is a micro rectangular planar DD specially designed for IEMs. It has a lightweight planar membrane and vibration panel made of a high-polymer, thin metal film designed to produce crystal clear high-frequencies.

The dual BA drivers cover the midrange and feature custom-designed coils unique to the ZERO1. Meanwhile, the 5.6mm dynamic driver woofer promises controlled and extended lows. The combination of tuned crossover and surrounding acoustics aim to eliminate reflections and resonances for the most accurate and detailed sound possible.

Furthermore, AK will be pairing this IEM with a high-purity SPC cable with aluminium connectors. Sporting MMCX connectors, aftermarket options can easily be swapped in should the user desire. Astell & Kern themselves are offering an aftermarket cable, the PEP11, which features a balanced 4.4mm termination as well.

The ZERO1 just launched in Australia for $999 AUD and the optional PEP11 cable is available for an additional $189 AUD. For more info on AK’s new models and authorised distributors, please see BusiSoft AV.



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