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Product Launch: BQEYZ Summer!

BQEYZ are a relative newcomer in the industry but have achieved notoriety with their ambitious tribrid earphones, the Spring series. These earphones featured a unique coaxial DD + ceramic driver that yielded an uncharacteristically detailed sound for their entry-level asking price. I personally reviewed the Spring 1 and Spring 2, where I found the company’s tribids to be some of the most technically impressive earphones at their price range. The Spring 2, however, represented a small refinement at a sizeable price jump. BQEYZ’s latest tribrid, the Summer, addresses my concerns with great tact, coming in at the lowest cost yet.

In so doing, some concessions have been made. The metal housing of the Spring-series makes way for a transparent resin design with more ergonomic shaping than before and the piezo unit is less sophisticated than the higher-end models. However, the same tribrid DD + BA + Ceramic driver setup remains. A new 13mm PU+LCP diaphragm dynamic driver promises an agile and controlled low-end performance while a second-generation BA midrange driver seeks to deliver greater clarity and air than before. Highs are handled by a 5-layer piezoelectric driver down from the 9 and 7-layer units on the Spring series. Adding layers is said to produce a smoother response by damping the natural 6k resonance of the ceramic material though BQEYZ promise this driver has been tuned for a smooth response.

That being said, at a very reasonable $129 USD asking price, the Summer represents a sizeable step down in pricing from the Spring series whilst retaining much of the same complexity. If performance can be retained, this is shaping up to be a very strong entry at the price point. You can read all about the Summer and treat yourself to one on HiFiGO.



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