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Product Launch: Campfire Audio Revamps Their Iconic Flagship IEMs!

Campfire Audio is a big name in audio, forged by the venerable Andromeda and then further tempered by the hybrid Solaris. When one thinks of the company it is surely these two models that first come to mind. In perhaps one of their biggest releases to date, the company has announced the brand new Andromeda Emerald Sea and the Solaris Stellar Horizon, ground-up redesigns of their iconic silhouettes. Both models come with an enhanced accessory set and newly updated packaging. This includes the company’s new Time Stream cables with Silver-plated copper conductors and Berrylium copper MMCX connectors.

Andromeda Emerald Sea

The original Andromeda was a 5-BA IEM sporting CFA’s T.E.A.C technology. It is by far their most popular model and has been reincarnated several times including limited edition releases. The Emerald Sea revisits the popular formula with a new, more ergonomic shell design made smaller and smoother. In addition, the company has introduced steel fasteners to bolster the MMCX connectors. The changes extend well beyond the outside with a new acoustic design sporting five all-new custom dual-diaphragm balanced armature drivers. These are mated up to new re-engineered internal acoustic geometry and 3D printed housings. Altogether, the company is promising an expanded acoustic range and a sound signature with a sweet analogue glow as was beloved on the original.

Solaris Stellar Horizon

The Solaris was a smash hit and a regal offering from the company. The new model offers a more elegant shell design with brushed stainless steel housings accented by brass fasteners and MMCX capture as above. A custom gold PVD inlay contrast to black laser-cut acrylic rounding out an imaculate and stunning build. Of course, the sound too has been revisit with two new pieces of driver technology. Three custom dual-diaphragm balanced armature drivers are paired with a new Radial Venting 10mm ADLC dynamic driver. This creatures greater air volume and expands the physical space of driver operation. The net result is a grand soundstage, more so than that of even the OG Solaris.

You can read all about Campfire’s new models and secure units for yourself at Campfire Audio!



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