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Product Launch: Cayin N7 DAP with 1-Bit DAC!

Cayin has made some of the most renowned DAPs on the market and has a been pioneer of DAC technologies such as their R-2R DAPs and Dongles. Continuing that ethos, the company continues to innovate with the release of their new N7 DAP featuring an industry-first 1-bit DAC circuit with 4-rails of resistor network.

The company claims this is a step up from previous implementations and the closest proximity one can achieve to an analogue experience from a DAP application. The discrete DAC can decode DSD512 and PCM 32bit/768kHz natively. The DAP also sports a discrete LPF circuit to tune the output of the DAC to provide a smooth and natural sound.

Amplification is handled by a fully-discrete, fully-balanced circuit with the company’s DAO or dual amplifier operation which gives the user a choice between class A or class AB. Finally, an Android 12-based OS provides Google Play access and is fully streaming ready. Specs below:

The N7 debuts at CanJam NY on the 25th of February and will be availabe by the 27th for $1999 USD.



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