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Product Launch: Cayin N8ii Reference DAP!

Cayin has achieved wide renown for their DAPs especially. The company is further pushing their boundaries with the new N8ii flagship DAP which features the latest components brought together by Cayin’s experienced design team.

The N8ii is the first DAP to adopt a ROHM DAC chip, the BD34301EKV. In addition, the DAP will be using a matched pair of KORG Nutube 6P1 for fully-balanced, fully-discrete vacuum tube amplification. Furthermore, the DAP offers dual amplification operation with choice of Class A or Class AB plus two choices of power output modes.

Being pre-installed with DTA (direct transport audio), the N8ii not only supports smart features such as Google Play but enables all third-party apps to bypass the SRC in Android OS for bit-perfect audio. The N8ii is the pinnacle of Cayin’s hardware and software engineering befitting of a flagship device.

The DAP will debut at Canjam NY 2022 with a suggested retail price of $3,499 USD and will be available to consumers by March 4th. Be sure to swing by the MusikTeck booth (B3-B5) if you’re attending the show to demo the device for yourself!



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