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Product Launch: Craft Ears Craft Six

Craft Ears are a new kid on the block who have made a big splash with their first two models, the Craft 2 and Craft 4 (that I reviewed here), sporting 2 and 4 BA setups respectively. The company has been hard at work in recent months developing the all-new Craft 6, their highest-end model yet. It targets a neutral/balanced sound signature alongside excellent technical performance.

The Craft 6 is currently on preorder on Craft Ear’s website for 745 EUR while the retail price is 945 EUR. Craft Ears have also cooperated with Rhapsodio to offer a special custom cable bundle. The Rhapsodio OCC MK2 (RRP $250 USD) can be bundled with the C6 for 145 EUR extra.

A Deeper Dive –

Despite the increased driver count, Jedrzej and Dhruv, the brains behind the operation, are proud of their other innovations. To excerpt their website:

RASEN Bass ™ (Reference Acoustic Spiral Enhanced Bass)

Patent-pending solution, precisely calculated and designed 3D printed structure, that creates low-end notes as realistic as a true subwoofer.

True Load ™

Extremely flat Impedance and Phase – This will be similar to that seen on Custom Art’s Fibae earphones.

SES™ (Space Expanse System)

Our very own field-specific, 3D printed, horn-loaded tweeter which was tuned in a very particular bandwidth.


Frequency Response: 2Hz – 23kHz

Impedance: 8-ohms

Driver configuration: Dual Sub-Low, Dual Low-Mid, Single Mid-High, and One Super-Tweeter

Crossover: 5-way electronic crossover

Though not all of these are a world first, they have been refined and developed from existing knowledge and it is also great to see them all in one place.



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