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Product Launch: Earsonics ONYX!

Earsonics is a French audio company that we’ve worked with extensively at THL. They recently rebooted their designs with new metal shells and hybrid driver setups in the form of the Stark and Blade. The ONYX represents the latest addition to that selection. Earsoniocs targeted an ultra-competitive price point by selling the IEM via direct sale thereby avoiding added distribution and processing costs.

Inside is a 4-driver setup with 1x dynamic driver covering the bass, 2x BA drivers covering the midrange and a single BA tweeter up to. The drivers are unified using Earsonics’ TrueWave technology and acrylic heart which act to optimise phase and the frequency response. In addition, the crossover was designed to be easy to drive, achieving synergy with a wide range of sources.

The ONYX is now available for pre-order for 490 EUR. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a set on Earsonics.



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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