Product Launch: Fiio FA9 IEM Released!


Fiio requires little introduction, the company has been a reader-favourite for years on behalf of their competitive pricing and well-rounded products that nail the fundamentals. This impression continued with their IEMs that have become staples in recent years. Their line-up diverged last year, with the FA earphones possessing balanced-armature driver setups and a generally warmer sound, the FH earphones, a more balanced sound with a hybrid setup.

The brand new FA9 joins the FH7 as a co-flagship of the company. It sports 6-balanced armature drivers and some sophisticated acoustic design that looks very promising in the sound department. Fiio have adopted 3D printing to enable more complex designs with a higher level of finish. The FA9 retails for $599 USD.

You can read more about the FA9 on HiFiGO’s blog here and stay pealed for the product page here.


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