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Product Launch: Fiio FD7 Beryllium Foil DD IEM!

Though once known purely for sources, Fiio has gathered quite a rep with their IEM releases. The FD5 especially was a hit and both Suman and I walked away very impressed with our reviews on THL. This was a Be-plated dynamic driver IEM with a semi-open back design that offered a natural U-shaped sound and great technical ability at a far lower price than competitors.

Following on their more affordable FD3, Fiio has further expanded their lineup with the new single-DD flagship, the FD7. It features a large 12mm dynamic driver, but the highlight here is its pure beryllium diaphragm which has previously only been seen on the Dunu Luna and Final A8000 (and Periodic Be TBC), both costing multiples more.

The FD7 retains a similar semi-open design, acoustic prism filter and interchangeable nozzles to the FD5, and promises a richer listening experience with the upgraded driver. A high-purity modular SPC cable and additional third tuning nozzle promise a more flexible experience than ever.

The FD7 just launched for $629 USD with first units shipping very soon. You can read all about it and treat yourself to a set on HiFiGO!



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