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Product Launch: Fiio FH3 Affordable Hybrid

Fiio is an absolute juggernaut as far as audio companies go – with large international presence due to their value-orientated DAPs and, more recently, IEMs. Their designs here have progressing leaps and bounds in recent years to the extent that their latest in-ears are very competitive with market leaders. What’s unique about the company is its extensive resources that enable them to manufacture a similarly extensive product catalogue. Glance their website and buyers will find a product to fill every link of their audio chain in addition to one at almost every budgets.

The FH3 is their latest effort, expanding upon the lauded FH hybrid series of Fiio IEMs. In accordance with its naming scheme, the FH3 will be the most accessible in their line-up from a pricing perspective and, along with it, sports a scaled-down driver count. This is a triple-driver hybrid design with Beryllium coated DD paired with two Knowles BA drivers. What’s good to see is the technologies pioneered by the higher-end models filtering down to the more affordable FH3. For instance, the S.Turbo low-pass filter remains in addition to Fiio’s new balance-relief technology that permits greater control over the impulse response of the dynamic driver.

Though I haven’t always been a fan of Fiio’s in-ears, I did very much enjoy the FH5 and FH7, and the FH3 is shaping up to be a promising addition. The FH3 is available for $159 USD and you can find more info and purchase links on HiFiGO.

Look forward to a full review on THL soon!



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