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Product Launch: Fiio FH5s Pro!

The FH5 is easily the hybrid that put the company on the map. It had a robust metal design and winning combination of powerful w-shaped tuning and well-detailed treble that quickly made it a fan favourite. The company re-evaluated their approach with the updated FH5s, employing a new dual DD configuration with 2x balanced armature drivers retaining a detailed image. It brought with it a semi-open-back design and tuning switches to further enhance the listening experience.

Fiio has once again returned to their popular midrange model with the new FH5s Pro which takes the same foundation and adds on an upgraded cable. While the IEMs themselves are unchanged, the Pro comes with a 4-wire 120 strand Litz monocrystal silver-plated cable. It has a modular termination like the FD5 allowing it to interface with 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced in addition to traditional 3.5mm single-ended sources. The company reasons this provides a superior high-frequency response and a more refined overall sound than the vanilla FH5s.

The FH5s Pro retails for $319.99 USD and first units will be shipping very shortly. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a set on HiFiGO!



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