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Product Launch: Fiio K11 R2R!

Fiio launches a new variant of their popular K11 desktop DAC/AMP, the K11 R2R. As the name suggests, the main differentiating factor lies on the DAC side with the R2R model sporting a fully differentiated 24-bit resistor array. This is opposed to the usual delta sigma setup which promises an organic sound. To ensure maximum performance, Fiio is using 192 ultra-thin film resistors with 0.1% accuracy and low temp dift. The AMP side is as equally impressive as the base unit offering 1300mW of power per channel. All of this is packaged within a compact and modern design with dual single-ended and balanced output alongside an LED display and analog volume pot.

The K11 R2R is now available from HiFiGO for $169.99 USD. You can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit here!



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