If you’re here, you’ve likely already heard of Fiio. The company has a truly prodigious reputation and are surely one of the most well known audio brands including both seasoned audiophiles and those just starting out in the hobby. While they’ve previously focused on portable source devices, the company has since branched out into all manners of audio hardware.

Welcome the K9 Pro, their latest flagship desktop DAC/AMP. Instantly, it differentiates itself by implementing the AKM AK4499 DAC Chip that has become incredibly rare due to the tragic Asahi Kasei factory fire late last year. Paired with the THX AAA-788 PRO amp chip and Fiio has created a formidable and unique package. The K9 Pro also implements various smart features, supporting Bluetooth including LDAC, aptX HD and adaptive codecs.

The K9 Pro retails for $699 USD and, due to parts limitations, only one batch will be sold. You can read all about the K9 Pro and secure a unit for yourself on Apos Audio!