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Product Launch: Final Audio Launches Their VR Series Gamer-Centric IEMs!

Final Audio is renowned for their innovative acoustic designs yielding some intriguing and unique results. The VR range extends upon this, targeting the gaming and VR technology boom. The goal was to create an affordable product range that offers excellent spatial audio alongside a natural and realistic sound.


The most affordable unit in their lineup, the VR500 targets precise imaging and was designed to provide clear audio during overlapping sounds such as comms when gaming.


Stepping it up, the VR2000 uses the f-Core DU drivers seen in the A3000 and A4000 adjusted for greater clarity and accuracy. The goal was to create a responsive sound that highlights sound effects such as gunshots in FPS. The VR2000 is made for competitive gamers wanting an edge when hearing spatial cues.


Also assuming an f-Core DU driver derivative, the VR3000 also implements a 30 micron ultra-fine CCAW voice coil that promises a faster driver response. The VR300 offers the largest soundstage and accurate imaging suitable for gaming and VR. The VR3000 was designed to do so whilst retaining a natural and accurate tuning.

The Final VR500, VR2000 and VR3000 are now available for £29.99, £59.99 and £69.99 respectively. You can read more about each model and treat yourself to a set on hifiheadphones.



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