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Product Launch: Final Audio ZE8000!

Final Audio requires little introduction. The company has so many popular models whether that be budget, flagship or even wireless. Final is looking to extend upon the latter with the new ZE8000 flagship TWS IEM. Following up on the popular ZE3000, the new model offers a wealth of innovative features true to the 8000-series moniker.

At its core is the f-CORE 8K sound ultra-low distortion driver with a large 13mm diaphragm. It sports an aluminum-magnesium dome injection molded onto a flexible silicone surround. A floating mechanism is used for the voice coils altogether to produce impressively low total harmonic distortion. This is powered by a Class-AB amplifier sporting polymer multi-layer capacitors designed by Rubicon and a dedicated DSP.

The software side hasn’t been neglected either as the ZE8000 also offers active noise cancellation that is touted not to degrade the sound quality in any way. Another considerate feature is volume step optimiser that allows the user to fine-tune the volume setting beyond the steps provided by the source allowing for a more comfortable listening experience. With app support, the ZE8000 is primed for firmware updates and supports a full equalizer.

The ZE8000 is now available for $349 USD. You can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit on Final Audio!



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