Product Launch: Focal On-Wall 30X Series Speakers!


French audio brand Focal are a huge name, perhaps best known here for their headphones but their expertise extends well beyond. In tune, they recently released a new pair of on-wall speakers that are intended to be floor-standing or affixed to a wall beside a home cinema setup. This comes in the form of the 2-way 301 featuring two midrange drivers and one 25mm TNF tweeter per side and the 302 featuring a 2.5-way setup adding an additional mid-bass driver.

Both units incorporate the company’s highly regarded Flax speaker drivers and the tweeters have an aluminium/magnesium diaphragm that promises well-defined treble and a realistic overall listening experience. The slimline design slots confidently into any setup and has minimal footprint.

You can check out the Floor stands, 301 and 302 on Addicted to Audio!


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