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Product Launch: Grado Brings their X-Drivers to the RS1 and RS2!

Grado recently refreshed their legendary line of SR headphones with their new 4th generation X-drivers. These re-tuned models were more balanced, more resolving and overall, listeners found them to be more pleasing than past models. Grado is delighted to present the new RS1x and RS2x which combines authentic wood cups with their 4th generation driver design for a new level of Grado performance.

Like the SR-series, these headphones receive a new 8-conductor cable and a new white-stitched leather headband. The RS2x sports their signature 44mm driver that has been specifically re-voiced to suit its hemp wood housing. Meanwhile, the flagship RS1x sports a larger 50mm driver alongside unique housings with 3 species of wood – a maple sleeve, hemp core and cocobolo outer ring. Grado is promising a warm and natural tonality from these headphones and a sizable upgrade from their previous E-series releases.

The RS2x and RS1x just launched at $749 and $999 AUD respectively. They will be available in late November exclusively via BusiSoft AV and its authorised dealers.



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