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Product Launch: Grado Prestige X-Series!

Grado are surely one of the gateway drugs into the audio hobby, you’ll see all manner of their headphones recommended widely and frequently to newcomers wanting a quality Hi-Fi experience. The Brooklyn-based company has a rich heritage of audio design spanning over 6-decades and generations of the Grado family. Their SR-headphones continue to be staples in the modern market for their vibrant tonality and performance for cost alongside their modularity that has permitted a rich aftermarket modding community.

The company is proud to announce a refresh of their entire SR lineup similar to the “e” models that came before. The new Prestige X-series represents a further refinement of the SR60-325 retaining the core DNA of the original models whilst implementing a new speaker design. In particular, Grado has introduced a new, more efficient magnetic circuit in addition to developing a new diaphragm and voice coil capable of lower distortion and greater harmonic integrity than before.

In addition, the bulky cable of past models was a frequent complaint which has now been appended, with the X-series. All now offer a more durable and flexible 8-conductor model (4-conductor on the SR60X and SR80X), all with super annealed copper wire with improved purity and a durable fabric sheaeth. Another complaint was comfort, specifically the headband. Grado has also updated the headband design with a padded synthetic leather unit and an authentic leather band on the SR325X.

You can read more about the new lineup and treat yourself to a unit below (AU/NZ store links). Please visit Busisoft for more details.

  • SR60x – $139 AUD/$169 NZD
  • SR80x – $179 AUD / $209 NZD
  • SR125x – $249 AUD / $299 NZD
  • SR225x – $319 AUD / $379 NZD
  • SR325x – $419 AUD / $479 NZD



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