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Product Launch: HiBy Crystal 6 Multi-BA Flagship Announced

Hiby is a Chinese audio company best known for their source devices and software. However, much like their competitors, the company has been branching into in-ear designs. The Crystal 6 represents their latest and highest end effort to date alongside occupying current flagship status in their lineup.

It sports a 6-BA setup with custom-tuned Knowles drivers and a 4-way crossover targeting a balanced and natural sound. 4 independent acoustic tubes optimise the frequency and time response of the earphone to deliver their ideal signature and accurate imaging. In addition, imported Panasonic capacitors and a dual-layer gold-plated PCB promise a smooth and clean sound. An epoxy-filled cable and dyed wooden faceplates complete the premium package.

At present, the Crystal 6 is available on pre-order for $399 USD and will return to its RRP of $459 from the 25th of March. You can treat yourself to a set on HiFiGO!



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Ryan Soo

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