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Product Launch: Hiby R8 Flagship DAP with 4G

Hiby stormed onto the scene a few years ago and really pioneered the responsive touch-based interfaces we see today. Where other DAPs were focused on raw sound quality, often at the expense of usability, Hiby ensured that their GUI was slick, smooth and always at the user’s beck and call. The company has returned with a new product, the R8, representing a big step up in status as their latest flagship player coming in at $2300 USD.

As one would expect, the R8 is fully-featured, sporting a 5.5″ Full HD IPS display, responsive Snapdragon 660 SOC and the latest Hiby OS on top of Android 9.0. Of particular interest, the stainless steel version features a dedicated data-SIM slot to permit 4G connectivity and seamless OTA updates. The enticement doesn’t stop there with the R8 boasting a whopping 6GB of RAM in addition to 128GB of internal storage (4G and 64G respectively for the Alu version) with micro-sd expansion up to 2TB.

Powering this affair is a custom 10,000mah battery with high-voltage and current output to enhance sound quality. We’ve seen a few DAPs do this before such as the Shozy Alien+ with its 24v custom power supply and company’s have widely acknowledged the benefits of running chips at their rated voltage. From these snippets alone, the R8 is shaping up to be a highly innovative and competitive design.

You can read more about the R8 on HiFiGO’s blog here.


  • DAC: Dual AKM4497
  • Dual ultra-low jitter crystal oscillators programmed by a custom FPGA
  • Power output: > 5.9Vrms 1088mW @ 32ohms with THD + N <0.00083%
  • Output impedance: 0.4 ohms single-ended, 0.8 ohms balanced
  • Noise floor: <8uVrms 4.4mm balanced, single-ended < 4.6uVrms



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