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Product Launch: Hidition Gaming T-1!

Hidition is one of our favourite audio companies from Korea. If you want an authentic, technical sound, the reception to their entire line-up has been overwhelmingly positive. The company has since started a new venture, welcome Hidition gaming!

At present, their sub-brand is limited to just one model, the T-1. This is a single-BA IEM with an adjustable-fit boom mic integrated into its removable MMCX cable. The T-1 spots an ergonomic design utilising the company’s 23-years of experience in hearing aids. The mic is designed to dampen external noise and isolate the speaker’s voice, it also sports a physical on/off switch for privacy and convenience.

The highlight for audiophiles will be the reference-grade sound tuning by Hidition. The company claims the tonality is similar to the NT-1 and very highly acclaimed NT-6 Pro which should make them a great choice for multimedia use too. Gaming-specific cues have been implemented, as the company promises a high-end sound ideal for gaming. Focus was placed on separation between BGM, voice chat and SFX.

The T-1 just launched for $179 USD. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a set here.



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