Product Launch: Hifiman Arya Updated with Stealth Magnet Design!


Hifiman has garnered a huge following for their affordable high-performance planar magnetic headphones. However, they aren’t just known for value, the company has also created innovations in planar driver design, producing some stunning flagship models too. One of their most notable developments was stealth magnet technology, first seen on their eye-wateringly expensive Susvara flagship.

Image provided courtesy of Apos Audio

The stealth magnet array is specifically designed to allow air to pass through the structure unimpeded, thereby, being acoustically transparent and maximising sound quality. The company reasons that this results in a huge reduction in wave diffraction and distortion. The company is proud to announce that the very same has filtered down to their cheaper models including the highly popular Arya.

At no additional cost, you can read all about and treat yourself to the new Arya Stealth on Apos Audio!


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