Product Launch: Hifiman Updates their HE400se and Arya with Stealth Magnet Design!


Hifiman first introduced stealth magnet on their flagship Susvara a few years back. This tech involved a specially-shaped magnet that allows sound to pass through the open-back design of the headphone without negatively impacting sound reproduction. Altogether, Hifiman posits this massively reduces wave diffraction turbulence and lowers distortion, resulting in a higher fidelity sound.

Much as we’ve seen on competing brands, Hifiman has brought this technology down to their more affordable models. Stealth magnet is now available on both the HE400se and the Arya, both highly regarded models in their respective price categories. The changes seek to further improve these designs at the same sweet price.

You can read more about the new Hifiman headphones and treat yourself to a set on Apos Audio!


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