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Product Launch: Kinera Freya

Kinera started life as an OEM before branching into their own brand. Since then, the company has enjoyed some major successes despite having a rather diminutive product line. This is actually something that’s very special about the company as, where many focus on quick turnaround, Kinera instead have operated with slow yet methodical releases over the years.

The Freya is the latest addition, a quad-driver hybrid with 1x DD and 3x BA drivers coming in at a palatable $250 USD asking price. Take one look at the Freya’s artisan housings and you’ll see why this name, denoting the god of beauty, is so applicable. Available in both black and white, both feature gorgeous swirled resin designs alongside gold leaf accents, simply stunning work.

The Freya launches on June the 18th, look forward to a review on THL shortly after!

Specs and internal measurements (source: Kinera):



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