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Product Launch: Kinera Nanna 2.0 Pro

The Nanna was one of Kinera’s most popular products, a high-end tribrid IEM featuring Sonion’s 2nd generation electrostatic super tweeter system that was well-received and reviewed. Kinera then updated the earphone’s tuning with the 2.0 release and are now introducing the 2.0 Pro variant which seeks to further refined the Nanna experience.

While we cannot confirm without testing the earphone, on paper, the 2.0 Pro provides the same driver setup as before with one 7mm dynamic driver paired with one BA mid-driver and two Sonion EST tweeters. It has the same 60ohm impedance and 110dB sensitivity suggesting a very similar, if not identical choice of drivers.

What Kinera have confirmed is a new design, sporting the hand-painted shells from the Mount Nanna variant. As always, Kinera have done a stunning job here, and this adds a level of personalisation with each unit bearing a different pattern. The packaging and accessory have been revised with a new, wider ear tip selection.

Included are Final Audio E-tips, Custom RS-B4S and foam tips in addition to Custom JH-FY-009-B tips. The tips are custom colour matched to the housings, a nice touch. In addition, a new SPC 6N OCC balanced cable has been introduced. The cable is terminated with a balanced 4.4mm connector though 2.5 and 3.5mm adaptors are included in addition.

These revisions come with a $40 price bump, now retailing for $949 USD at the time of writing. The Nanna 2.0 Pro is available from HiFiGO with units ready to ship from today!



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