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Product Launch: Kinera Skuld Hand-Painted IEM!

Kinera has been blowing us away with their latest line of earphones. In particular, their eye-grabbing hand-painted shells and musical sound tuning have captivated the eyes and ears of many. While their recent flagship refreshes might be on everyone’s mind, the brand new Skuld deserves no lesser introduction. This is a midrange all-BA model that sits just below the Nanna 2.0 and above the Freya in their line-up.

The Skuld is perhaps their most visually impressive work to date, a true union between audio and artwork. Sonically, it utilises a 5x BA setup poer side, with 3 Knowles BA drivers covering bass and mids alongside 2 custom Kinera drivers for a smooth, extended treble response. The company target a smooth and rich sound with an agile transient response for maximum musical enjoyment.

In addition, Kinera have paired the earphone with a high-quality silver-plated copper cable with fully balanced 4.4mm termination. Final E-tips have also been included in order to provide an ideal fit and sound profile, some of my personal favourites.

The Skuld is launching at $550 USD and is available on HiFiGO! You can read more about it and treat yourself to a set here. Look forward to a full review on THL coming soon!



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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