Product Launch: Lime Ears Announces Their First Flagship Hybrid – Welcome The Pneuma!


Lime Ears are a Polish audio manufacturer who made a name for themselves with their high-end earphones suiting both enthusiasts and professionals. We’ve extensively covered their products here on THL from the original Aether to the Model X and later Aether R. What united all of these models was a balanced and technically proficient sound through the implementation of BA drivers.

However, ever-innovative, the company recently announced Pneuma, their new flagship monitor. It is also Lime Ear’s first hybrid design sporting a 5-driver setup – 1x titanium dynamic driver covering the sub-bass frequencies and 4-BA drivers arranged in a 2x bass, 1x mid and 1x high configuration. In line with its name, Pneuma representing dynamism, Lime Ears are gunning for a dynamic and lively sound different from their prior models. As before, the bass-switch makes a return, targeting the DD specifically.

The Pneuma will be available on the 9th of September at an RRP of 1800 EUR. Expect coverage of this model on THL soon!


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