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Product Launch: Lyngdorf Audio Launches New Custom Install Speakers!

Lyngdorf is introducing its first custom installation loudspeakers offering a great solution for surround sound and immersive home-cinemas. At present, their line up consists of four models in the Discreet series, three models in the LS series and one BW boundary subwoofer.

D-500 Full-Range Speakers

D stands for discreet – the D-500 models are designed as full-range custom installation in-wall speakers, with two passive woofers complementing the midrange driver and tweeter. This makes the D-500 easy to drive while reaching below 50Hz and suitable for systems without a subwoofer in smaller or medium sized rooms, or as full range in-wall speakers in a stereo setup left and right of a TV. Two models are available: The D-500 is an upright, vertical loudspeaker, while the D-500 Centre incorporates the same drive-units in a horizontal design better suited for placement below a TV or behind a transparent screen. Both models come with their own pre-mounted loudspeaker enclosure, so that no after-market backbox or closed wall cavity is required.

D-5 Speakers for Surround and Immersive Audio

The D-5 is a two-way speaker with a midrange driver and soft dome tweeter in a versatile square cabinet. The midrange driver and tweeter are mounted closely together, which provides an even sound radiation and helps integrate the D-5 as surround speakers. The second model D-5 IC features an angled, adjustable tweeter. Together with the square cabinet design, this construction allows the sound to beam towards the listening area, for example when used as height or top speakers for immersive audio, mounted above in front, at the sides, or behind the listeners. Both models come with their own pre-mounted loudspeaker enclosure, so that no after-market backbox or closed wall cavity is required.

LS-1000 Speakers for Line Array Installations

LS stands for line source – specifically designed for installations where reduced floor and ceiling reflections and a uniform sound dispersion are required to achieve the best sound experience, for example for longer or wider listening areas. Four LS-1000 modules combined create a line source, providing a speaker with high resolution, high dynamic range, and high sensitivity. Due to the multiple tweeters and midrange drivers, the seating height does not matter as much as with conventional speakers, which typically require that the ears be aligned with the tweeter. The “sweet spot” significantly opens up in all directions.

Three different LS-1000 models are available:

  • The LS-1000 Left and LS-1000 Right have a sound dispersion beaming inwards, away from the sidewall and towards the listening area, when placed on the left or right side, respectively.
  • The LS-1000 Centre has the tweeters mounted centred, leading to a wider sound dispersion, equal to the left and right. This makes it an ideal choice as a centre speaker behind an acoustically transparent screen, or as left and right speakers to achieve the widest possible listening area.

BW-20 Passive Boundary Woofer

The BW-20 is a high-performance passive woofer with two 12” woofers in a large, rigid cabinet, to be used as a subwoofer or LFE in custom installations. The overall construction, cabinet depth, and satin-matte finish allow both in-wall installations and in-room placement as a BW, boundary woofer—a Lyngdorf approach where the woofer is designed to be placed near the wall boundaries, ideally right in the front corners. This achieves the best impulse response by avoiding delayed bass bouncing back off the walls, and instead takes advantage of room acoustics.

The high-bandwidth design reaches below 20Hz but also up to 500Hz to allow a seamless integration even with smaller front speakers and with any crossover filter type. High-excursion woofers with an excursion of +/- 20mm and an IEC power handling of 700W enable the BW-20 to play the lowest frequencies at a very high-volume level.

You can read all about Lyngdorf’s new models and order a kit for yourself via Busisoft AV and its authorised dealers!



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