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Product Launch: Lyngdorf Audio Releases New Products!

Lyngdorf is a Danish audio company that specialise in loudspeakers for living rooms and custom installations. They have achieved renown over the years for their digital amplifiers and advanced multi-channel processors alongside RoomPerfect calibration that enable the listener to optimise the experience for their individual setup. The company welcomes three new ranges consisting of four models in the Cue-100, a fifth addition to the Discreet series and D-60, a new model in CS-2.

The Cue-100 is a high-end design loudspeaker. Utilising the above technologies, the speaker delivers market leading distortion figures across a wide frequency range thanks to AMT tweeters. Fabric covers have also launched for the Cue-100 offering 24 combinations of colour and texture to suit each home.

The company’s D-60 custom-install in-wall speaker system offers the discreet series’ high power handling, sensitivity and efficiency making it ideal for home cinema and large rooms. It completes the outstanding LS-1000 source speakers with surround performance on a similar level. Compared to the D-500 that came before, the D-60 offers a more powerful soft-dome tweeter and stronger driver magnets.

Finally, the CS-2 in-cabinet speaker offers a front-ported bass reflex enclosure, angled elevated tweeter and no front cover. It was designed to offer best performance when placed inside sideboards and audio furniture, perfect for a TV setup. It offers a similar midrange/bass driver as the CS-1 translated for this form factor. In addition, the company is touting linear frequency extension to 42Hz omitting the need for a subwoofer.

The Cue-100 and D-60 will be available in March 2023 while the CS-2 will be available in April. For pricing and availability please see BusiSoft AV and its authorised dealers here.



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