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Product Launch: Master & Dynamic MW08!

Master & Dynamic really hit it out of the park with their industrial designs which have cemented them as a main player in the portable headphone market. Their TWS offerings too were nothing to scoff at, often being early adopters of the latest codecs and standards of each generation.

Their MW08 continues this legacy, building atop the lauded MW07 PLUS before it and is, to me, one of the most exciting TWS releases of late. It features a complete overhaul inside and out with a new stainless steel case and updated stainless steel and ceramic earphone housings. The body design is not more compact and ergonomic with a more sculpted and rounded profile not dissimilar to the Pixel Buds that I’m a huge fan of.

An enlarged 11mm Beryllium dynamic driver runs the show alongside a whopping 6-microphone system that promises a generational leap in ANC performance. An external aluminium antenna works in tandem with the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard to deliver stable connectivity and strong range.

Battery life, a strong point of the original, has been further enhanced, offering 12 hours of playback time with the case offering 30 additional hours for a total of 42 hours of total playtime. The updates case also features quick charge both in and out, with both the case and earbuds charging to 50% in 15 minutes.

The upgrades don’t stop there as M&D have developed a new IOS + Android app, M&D connect, that will offer the ability to customise the listening experience, download firmware updates and more. Though full functionality is yet to be confirmed, look forward to thorough testing in the full review coming to THL soon!

The MW08 retails for $299 USD, superseding the MW07 PLUS as the flagship of their TWS line-up. First units will be available on the 30th of this month here.



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