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Product Launch: Meze Announces Huge Update To Their Popular Closed Back Flagship!

Hot off the press, Meze has just released the LIRIC 2nd Generation which promises a remix of the popular formula that came before it. Once again this is a closed-back design and, for the most part, the silhouette is very familiar.

Expect a fully repairable premium design made from the best materials now enhanced with new Macassar ebony earcups. Perhaps most importantly, the ear pads have been re-engineering and now sport a removable magnetic interface similar to the Empyrean and Elite for easier servicing. The cable has also been upgraded, adopting a new hand-braided copper cable with a 4.4mm balanced termination. A spare 3.5mm TPE cable as seen on the previous generation LIRIC is also included.

Finally, a new driver from Rinaro with isodynamic hybrid array (two motor circuits covering two frequency ranges) and QWRM (quarter wavelength resonator mask) makes its debut. This is a precision-crafted metal plate that attenuates high-frequency peaks above 7kHz for a smoother sound. The LIRIC 2nd generation retains the same $2000 USD asking price whilst offering an improved design, cable and a new sound tuning that offers a bit more warmth and balance.

You can read all about it and treat yourself to a set on Meze’s website here and on Apos Audio.



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