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Product Launch: Meze ELITE Flagship Isodynamic Headphones!

Meze Audio made a huge splash with their first set of portable over-ear headphones, the 99 Classics, which featured an organic sound, gorgeous woodgrain design and fully modular housings that made them easy to maintain. The company then shocked the audiophile world when they announced the Empyrean, which didn’t just build upon the Classics but sought to establish Meze as one of the most venerable in the field. And, this was to great success with the Empyrean receiving accolade after accolade for its well-rounded performance – see our review here.

Since, the company has revisited this design and has once again teamed up with Rinaro to refine their summit-Fi headphone design. Welcome the ELITE, Meze’s new flagship headphone using a similar hybrid array driver as seen on the Empyrean further upgraded with improved diaphragm materials and a new voice coil configuration. Meze reasons the ELITE sets a new benchmark in resolution and accuracy of sound production.

The ELITE just launched for $4000 USD. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a set on Apos Audio!



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