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Product Launch: Moondrop Aria Snow Edition!

The Aria was a hugely popular IEM for Moondrop and offered excellent sound quality and tuning for a low, low price. The new version brings with it a CNC milled metal gold casing with a Snowflake theme that promises to be hardier than the painted coating on the older Moondrop DD earphones. In addition, it spots a new 10mm dynamic driver that swaps the LCP diaphragm of the regular Aria for a high-quality DLC (diamond-like carbon) one as features on the far more expensive Kanas Pro.

Altogether, the company is promising a pure, clear and natural timbre with much-improved sound quality, especially in the treble. The rest of the design remains the same and it adheres to the same VDSF tuning curve. The new Snow Edition seeks to further refine this formula at the exact same affordable price tag of $79.99 USD.

You can read all about the Aria Snow Edition and treat yourself to a set on HiFiGO!



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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