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Product Launch: Moondrop Kato DLC DD IEM!

Moondrop has achieved legendary status in the audio world, establishing themselves as true masters of audio engineering with their repeat hit product releases. Among them, their single-DD earphones have been some of their most accessibly-priced and some of their most popular. However, while they were tonally excellent, the Starfield and Aria both did leave wanting when it came to technical ability.

Welcome the new Kato, Moondrop’s latest single-DD in-ear. This earphone uses a brand new 3rd generation DLC (diamond-like carbon) composite diaphragm driver and new stainless steel chassis, promising a far more accomplished sound than before. Moreover, Moondrop is touting it sports a super linear tuning and it comes with newly designed custom silicone tips with a spring mechanism to conform to the canal.

Speaking more about the driver, this is a newly developed 10mm unit. Some features make a return such as their signature CCAW imported voice coil and high-frequency waveguide. In addition, Moondrop has further considered the surrounding structures, implementing a larger brass acoustic cavity, linear air circulation design and dual magnet structure. The diaphragm is made from 3 different materials with high rigitidy, high damping coefficient and extreme lightweight. Altogether, this is shaping up to be a very impressive performer from Moondrop.

The Kato just launched for $189 USD. You can read more about it and treat yourself to a unit on Apos Audio and HiFiGO!



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