Product Launch: Moondrop Nekocake ANC TWS IEM!


Moondrop has been a very popular brand lately for good reason, the company has an excellent track record and a very versatile house sound. When this was translated to the TWS Sparks, that model too was well received by the audio community. However, while the Sparks sounded great, the experience was mired somewhat by a limited feature set and awkward ergonomics. The Nekocake is Moondrop’s proposed solution!

This is an all-new TWS model from the company at the same highly accessible price. However, it now introduces a new design, 13mm titanium-plated driver and active noise cancellation. In addition, Moondrop is offering 5 selectable tunings out of the box including their signature VSDF signature beloved on their wired IEMs.

The Nekocake just launched for $52.99 USD. You can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit on Apos Audio!


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