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Product Launch: New Audiosense Flagship AQ7 Coming Soon!

Audiosense is a relative newcomer and another addition to the ever-growing Chi-Fi market. That said, their name has etched itself into a wide Populus with some homerun releases such as the 8-driver TK800 achieving quite wide renown and frequent recommendation. The company is also known for developing custom versions of Knowles’ drivers in addition to adopting the latest 3D printing processes that permit greater control over the surrounding acoustic design.

The company have only just begun to flex their knowledge and resources with this model as, hot on its heels, comes a brand new flagship, the AQ7. This model is a 7-driver hybrid with 10mm titanium woofer, 2 Knowles 31618 woofers, 2 SWFK31736 compound units for the high-frequencies and 2 completely custom Knowles BA drivers covering the midrange.

This is looking like another promising model from the new company. And, at an ambitious $498.99 USD asking price, is positioned in square competition with some very respectable models. You can read more about the AQ7 on HiFiGO’s blog post here and pre-order the AQ7 here.



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