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Product Launch: New Releases from Moondrop!

Moondrop is definitely a name I get excited for, especially after their recent exciting launches like the BLessing 3 that we will be reviewing on THL soon.

Continuing the hype, the company is releasing a new IEM, the Dark Saber which is a hybrid reference model sporting dual dynamic drivers and 8 balanced armatures per side. The dynamic drivers are horizontally opposed, working in tandem to deliver a tight bass delivery. 3D-printed components ensure phase alignment so that every driver achieves coherence and a tight adherence to the company’s VDSF target curve.

The next release is the Para, a new full-size planar magnetic headphone sporting 100mm drivers. Special attention has been given to the magnetic system meaning equal force is exhibited across the entire diaphragm. Special damping material has enabled a fine-tuned frequency response and the unique driver design is also easy to drive meaning the headphone can be enjoyed from a variety of sources.

The Discdream is a portable HiFi CD player that offers vintage craftsmanship combined with modern day performance. It’s a battery operated device with an imported Japanese drive motor chip, Cirrus logic DAC and three NDK audio-grade crystal oscillators. It promises 500mW of driving power through its headphone output and 2Vrms of standard power linear output. The Discdream also supports digital playback via micro SD.

Finally, the Free DSP is a digital audio cable companion for the company’s IEMs. Not only does it contain a fully-balanced audio output, 120dB dynamic range and ultra-low distortion, the cable also offers a new interactive DSP with Moondrop’s Link 2.0 software. The cable itself offers a 75-core high-purity OFC and SPC design with a pliable and sweat-resistant insulation for maximum longevity.

The Dark Saber is available for $799, the Para for $299, the Discdream for $199 and the Free DSP for $29 USD. You can read all about them and treat yourself to a unit on Apos Audio!



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