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Product Launch: New Sources now at Apos Audio!

Apos Audio are proud to announce their latest range of products now available. This includes the newly released xDuoo TA-66 OTL tube headphone amplifier.

The TA-66 draws inspiration from the warm syrupy tube amps of old in both its design and sound whilst introducing modern conveniences. It touts no channel imbalances at low volumes, a durable shielded alloy shell and uses a 6N2 tube for its pre-amp stage and 6N5P for its buffer stage. altogether, this is an appealing and affordable way to get into tube amplifiers. More details here.

Next up we have a new release from Topping in the form of the A50 III and D50 III, the company’s compact desktop AMP/DAC combo. The A50 III offers NFCA amplification alongside a whopping 3.5W of output power into a 32 Ohm load.

The D50 offers DSD 512 and PCM 768kHz support in addition to dual Type-C connectivity. It sports the cutting edge ES9039Q2M DAC chipset from ESS. You can read all about the A50 III here and the D50 III here.



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