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Product Launch: See Audio Bravery!

If you keep up with the new IEM releases, you may have come across the name See Audio. Their first model, the Yume, was a highly appealing earphone that offered a textbook Harman IEM tuning on a capable 3-driver hybrid platform. They offered this all for just $169, making it one of the best value earphones on the market. They then brought a few of their flagships to the international market but these haven’t been as discussed due to their prohibitive pricing. The Bravery represents a return to roots, as the company once again tackles a more accessible price point.

This is a 4-BA IEM that was co-developed by See Audio and the audio community to perfect the final tuning curve. It features 3x Knowles BA drivers and 1 from Sonoin in a 3-way crossover. In addition, See Audio designed independent acoustic chambers for each driver to ensure a smooth sound performance. Also included is the company’s Hakugei cable, which is usually offered as an aftermarket upgrade cable. In addition, the Bravery comes with Azla’s famous Xelastec Sedna ear tips which offer a unique heat-activated TPE construction.

The Bravery launches at an introductory price of $249 USD that will increase to $279 USD upon official release on the 23rd of August. In addition, pre-orders will include a special Rinko Stand, the company’s mascot. You can break all about it and treat yourself to a unit on HiFiGO!



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