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Product Launch: See Audio X Crinacle Yume Midnight!

You’re almost certainly familiar with Crinacle. Renowned for his unyieldingly critical and objective-backed review style, he is one of the most ubiquitous names in reviewing. Many brands pass through yet few garner recommendations. Those that pass the trial of fire often rise to greatness. Such names include See Audio whose Yume boasted a more relaxed take on the Harmen-target realised through a 3 hybrid driver setup. Crinacle remarked that the tuning was profoundly good, however, technical ability left to be desired.

With that in mind, we welcome the new Yume Midnight that represents a collaboration between the two. It features tuning adjustments by Crinacle himself alongside redesigned Carbon Fiber faceplates. The company touts this is a “technical Yune” with faster transients, a wider stage and a better low-end. The company has not confirmed whether alterations have been made to the drivers themselves that said. In addition, the Midnight includes an upgraded accessory set including a new 5N OCC SPC cable and high-purity gold connectors plus an expanded ear tips selection.

Preorders begin today for $199 USD representing a $30 price jump over the original. First orders will ship on the 15th of January, you can read all about it and secure an early unit for yourself on HiFiGO!



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Ryan Soo

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