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Product Launch: Sendy Audio Releases their new Apollo!

Sendy Audio made a huge entrance with the Aiva, a balanced and reasonably priced planar magnetic headphone. The company and their partners have since released a handful of other models including the cheaper dynamic-driver based Phoenix and the flagship planar Peacock. Following up on the later is the new Apollo which targets a slightly lower price than the Aiva and employs the quad-former technology pioneered by the Peacock.

In greater detail, this involves a double-sided magnetic array in addition to double voice coils on either side of the diaphragm, making four voice coils per driver total. The company reasons this provides outstanding efficiency and lower distortion. The driver is a 68mm unit that was designed in-house to deliver low resonance and an engaging sound profile.

Meanwhile, the housings employ real cherrywood with a black and nickel steel mesh for visual intrigue. Appending complaints with comfort on the Phoenix frame before, the new Apollo has larger bowl-shaped ear pads designed for exceptional comfort. A 6N OCC braided cable completes the experience.

The Apollo just launched for $449 USD. You can read all about it and treat yourself to a unit on Sendy Audio. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review coming soon to THL!



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