Product Launch: Shozy Black Hole Single DD Flagship!


We’ve been long-time fans of Shozy on THL, having covered their products from the company’s inception. They’ve delivered impressive performance time and again in addition to catering towards unique niches such as with their screen-less DAPs. The Black Hole supersedes the Pola range as their new in-ear flagship. It does so with a single dynamic driver setup as has become commonplace with competitors from Moondrop, Final and Dunu, just to name a few.

The Black Hole has been co-engineered with KOOK electro-acoustic engineering labs from the USA. The team spent 2 years tuning and optimising the acoustics, finally landing on a stunning semi-open design. At the front, we observe multiple circular mechanical damping devices to control standing waves and lower distortion. The internal acoustics have also been optimised to tailor the signature of the driver to their specifications. This is certainly an intriguing approach to the in-ear form factor!

The Black Hole retails for $799 USD and can be ordered from HiFiGO here.


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