Product Launch: SMSL SU-6 and SH-6!


SMSL’s SH DAC/AMP line has been immensely popular over the last few years as they tend to offer a strong price/performance ratio. On the high-end sat the SX-9 devices with the newly released SX-8s devices providing much of the same experience in a stripped-down form-factor at a lower price. The company has just launched its latest addition, the SU-6 headphone AMP and the SU-6 DAC which now represents the cheapest options in the line.

The SH-6 is a desktop amplifier with a focus on compact design and footprint. It offers an ultra-low distortion linear feedback circuit as seen on their previous amplifiers. In addition, it sports 2-step gain, a pop-free design and an ultra-low noise power supply. This is looking to be a handsome set up for those with space constraints who don’t need the added flexibility of balanced IO.

The SU-6 plays DAC counterpart in an equally compact shell. It features a powerful 2nd generation XMOS chip supporting DSD64 and PCM 32bit/768kHz. Inside, listeners will find ESS’ ES9038Q2M DAC chip alongside four high-end dual OPA1612 OP Amps. The SU-6 also supports Bluetooth 5.0 like the higher-end models, aiding versatility and features a simplified OLED display for intuitive navigation.

The SH-6 just launched for $119 USD and the SU-6 is available for $169 USD on Apos Audio. You can also buy the two devices combined at a discount via their Apos Ensemble program here.


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  1. Thank you for your reviews. If you had to choose, would you opt for the Topping DX3Pro+ or the SMSL SU-6? To the casual observer, they appear to be nearly identical under the hood. Any insight?

    • Hey Gary,

      My pleasure, hope they’ve helped you out!

      You honestly can’t directly compare the DX3 Pro and the SU-6 as the former is a DAC/AMP and the latter purely a DAC.

      If you already have a headphone amp then the SU-6 will give you slightly better performance.

      However, if you need an all-in-one DAC + AMP it’s hard to go wrong with the DX3 Pro at this price range.

      Warm regards,

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