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Product Launch: Soft Ears Turii Titanium!

Soft Ears has quickly become one of our favourite brands for their reference-class tuning and sensational technical ability. While the BA-based RS10 and more musical tribrid Cerberus have been stealing headlines, the single-DD Turii was somewhat left behind. However, Soft Ears reasons this should no longer be the case as the company has released a sequel to their acclaimed yet under-appreciated model.

Welcome the Turii Titanium, a special edition model with a titanium shell complemented by a brass internal cavity with a sophisticated 7-vent system. In addition, this variant comes with an upgraded high-purity sterling silver cable with modular plugs. Altogether, the company presents this as a sonic, build-quality and cosmetic upgrade over the already lauded Turii.

The Turii Titanium just launched for $2499 USD. You can read all about it and secure a unit for yourself on HiFiGO!



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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