Product Launch: Soncoz SGA1 Fully Balanced AMP + PREAMP


Soncoz has really made a name for themselves recently with their award-winning source devices. Building atop the foundation of Khadas, the company may be new but are certainly no stranger to making top-quality audio hardware. The SGA1 is their latest product, a fully-balanced headphone amp and pre-amplifier designed to match the design and aesthetic of their flagship SGD1 DAC.

It offers a fully balanced architecture in addition to balanced connectivity in the form of XLR input/output, a 4.4mm output and a 6.3mm single-ended output. It features ultra-low noise OP-AMPs, large capacitors, a customised toroidal transformer power supply and MUSES 72320 electronic volume chip for zero channel imbalance at low volumes. An OLED display rounds off a versatile and modern package. Altogether, a serious piece of kit.

The SGA1 retails for $649.99 USD. You can see the full list of specifications and treat yourself to a unit on HiFiGO!


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