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Product Launch: Tanchjim HANA 2021!

Tanchjim has been one of the more popular ChiFi brands lately, especially for their famous Oxygen and later the HANA which assumed a similar balanced tuning and translated it into a more affordable package. In many senses, the company was seen as a direct competitor to the venerable Moondrop.

That said, the HANA especially did recieve complaints due to its heightened upper midrange and treble presence, with many requesting a tuning more similar to the Oxygen. It appears as if Tanchjim has heard their pleas having recently announced the new HANA 2021 which is renewed and re-tuned!

It has a new aesthetic design and a more relaxing sound tuning. The chassis is now constructed from 316 stainless steel with a white porcelain imitation paint job for premium haptics. The new tuning promises to be smoother and more balanced than before on a new DMT 3rd generation dynamic driver platform. This driver as a high-rigidity LCP diaphragm promising greater speed and resolution as well.

The HANA 2021 is now available for purchase on Apos Audio for $179.99 USD!



Ryan Soo

Ryan Soo

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